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Tune Your Dulcimer

Where did I put that tuner?

I thought it was in the dulcimer case. Guess not. Could I have left it at June’s house where we had the jam on Saturday? Don’t think so. She would have called me. Another “senior moment?” Please..not yet! I’m only ___(insert your age here)!

Yes… happens to all of us.

I’ve included MP3 files for the more common dulcimer tunings: DAA, DAD, DAC, and DGD.

For those of you new to the Mountain Dulcimer, an explanation of the tuning process is included. For the more experienced, who need only to hear the notes, select the “quick-tune” option.

DAA tune

DAA quick tune

DAD tune

DAD quick tune

DGD tune

DGD quick tune

DAC tune

DAC quick tune

When you’ve finished, you may resume looking for your tuner. Don’t worry; it’s bound to turn up somewhere.