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Saturdays with Susan - Zoom Classes

For those of you who would like to take lessons between festivals, I am offering an advanced beginner, and an intermediate class on Saturdays. Click on the Classes on Zoom button at the top of this page for information on the classes and dates.

Individual/Private Lessons on Zoom

For those of you who might prefer a private Zoom lesson to class lessons, these are also available. Contact me, and we can schedule lessons best suited to your skill level and music preferences.

“Lessons in Your Living Room”

“Lessons in Your Living Room” is a Mountain Dulcimer digital lesson  program. You can select the music of your choice from our library of 42 lessons. All lessons will include the basic tune or song for novice players, back up chords, an arrangement for players intermediate and up, and a duet part.  You will have the tab and instruction for all these on PDFs and MP3s. You can contact me at , and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

 “Learn at your own pace, in your own space."


Lessons in Your      Living Room

Masters of the Mountain   Dulcimer Series                             

Welcome home to a place far from a busy world. A place where music brings joy, peace, and humor.  And fond memories of family, friends, and happy times.

Traditional music connects us with our roots, celebrating the things that really matter in our lives. Songs of the hills, the

farms, and small towns, find their voice in the sweet sounds of the Mountain Dulcimer. For those of us who play, sing, or simply enjoy listening to the songs, the journey is its own reward. What great fun it is to be a part of this family!

OnLine Mountain Dulcimer Lessons