Susan Trump                                                         

Americana in Song

Sample Lesson

Each lesson is presented in a similar format. We begin with a presentation of the complete song, played at the intermediate level at standard speed. This is followed by separate tracks for novice level demo and instruction, backup chords, intermediate level demo and instruction, duet demo and instruction, and an introduction and ending.

The average length of a lesson is about one hour. Individual sections are broken up into two or more tracks. This allows you to reset the MP3 player to the beginning of the part you wish to review, without having to listen to a lot of what you don’t need to hear again. Track lists are included with the printed lesson, and on the MP3. A complete track list of the lesson from which our sample tracks are taken, is shown below. The lesson is “English Country Gardens.”

Click on an underlined track with an “(MP3 and text)” at the end, and you will see the printed music, and begin hearing the audio track.  The sound can be paused and re-started with the little icons like the ones on your MP3 player. If you see “(MP3 only)” at the end, this will send you to an MP3 file with no printed music. To come back to this page, you can click on the word “Return” under the printed music.

Have fun!

“Lessons in Your Living Room”

     Englisn Country Gardens

Track List-

1.   Country Gardens (MP3 only)

2.   Chord melody demo

3.   Right hand strum, measure 4

4.   Right hand strum, all lines

5.   “New players”/ Novice instruction, lines 1&2 (MP3 and text)  

6.  “New players”/ Novice instruction, measures 9-12

7.   Chord melody instruction, line 1 (MP3 and text)

8.   Chord melody instruction, measures 9-12

9.   Slow, with counting

10.  Slow, without counting

11.   Fingerpick demo (MP3 only)

12.  Right hand fingerpick technique

13.  Right hand fingerpick, line 1

14.  Fingerpick instruction, line 1

15.  Right hand fingerpick instruction, measures 9-12

16.  Fingerpick instruction, measures 9-12

17.  Fingerpick VERY slow, with counting

18.  Fingerpick slow, with counting

19.  Fingerpick slow, without counting

20.  Back-up chords instruction

21.  Back-up chords

22.  Duet demo (MP3 only) 

23.  Duet instruction, lines 1 & 2

24.  Duet instruction, lines 3 – 5

25.  Duet slow, with counting

26.  Intro & ending