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Live at Caffe Lena
"Live at Caffe Lena" captures the warmth and humor of an evening with Susan. Her award-winning instrumental skill on guitar, mountain dulcimer, banjo and fretless banjo accompanies her sparkling vocals. Her spontaneous wit complements the poignant moments, taking the audience from a tear in the eye to a good belly-laugh. 19 songs in all.

Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY, is the longest running coffee house in the country. The Caffe is famed for providing a starting place for the careers of such giants in the music world as Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, and Arlo Guthrie. Susan Trump is carrying on a long tradition. Most of her appearances at the Caffe have been sold out! After hearing this recording, you'll know why.

" Congratulations. You're the first performer since Bill Staines to sell out a whole weekend at the Caffe!" Field Horne, Board Member.
"Only Susan Trump and Odetta are able to sellout an entire weekend!" Sarah, Club Manager of Caffe Lena.

Song Titles:                                                                                                                                               1. Give Yourself to Love (MP3)   2. Screen Porch Door (MP3)   3. Grandparent Ballad (MP3)    4. Bluebird Song/Magpie  5. Rocky Mountain Goat/Nixon's Farewell/Old Molly Har   6. Old Green Sweater (MP3)    7. Rock the Cradle Joe  8. Stanley Hicks Story/Cluck Old Hen/Boatin' Up Sandy  9. Haying Song  10. Who Will Watch the Home Place11. Pack Rat Blues  12. Misty Mountain Morning (MP3)   13. Julian of Norwich   14. The Stone Cutter              15. Upon Sunset Waters/Childgrove  16. Cambric Shirt  17. Alfred  18. Old Tom Cat 19. Here's to Song

Live at Caffe Lena song samples - song titles followed by (MP3)

Item Name: CD-"Live at Caffe Lena" by Susan Trump
Item Number: STM104CD
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What the Hill People Say

Taking her inspiration from the wisdom and serenity of the mountain people, Susan presents a touching collection of traditional and contemporary songs reflecting life in a simpler time.

Song Titles:
1. The Haying Song   2. Eyes of a Painter   3. Blessed Quietness   4. Red, Red Rose 5. Loudonville Waltz/Another Jig Will Do   6. West Virginia, My Home 7. Shacks and Chalets   9. The Farmer's Boy   10. Grandfathers Barn 11. We Shall Stay Here        12. Fashioned in the Clay

Item Name: CD-"What the Hill People Say" by Susan Trump                                                                           Item Number: STM101CD                                                                                                                             Price: $17.00 (includes shipping and handling to U.S. destinations)

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Tree of Life

In her recording Tree of Life , Susan brings together songs with universal themes which link the pastoral, tranquil images of traditional rural America to our contemporary life. A "feel good" album whose songs touch the heart, recall the past, and inspire the times ahead.

Susan Trump: vocals, guitar, mountain dulcimer

Song Titles:
1. Give Yourself to Love (MP3)   2. Coat of Many Colors (MP3) 3. Ol'Jack/Rocky Mountain Goat (MP3)   4. Heartbeat (MP3) 5. Old Lovers/July Waltz for Another Time   6. Until the Day   7. Whitebark 8. Journeys (Follow Your Dreams)   9. The Water is Wide/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (MP3)10. Tree of Life          11. One Day at a Time   12. Lonesome Picker

Tree of Life song samples song titles followed by (MP3)

Item Name: CD-"Tree of Life" by Susan Trump
Item Number: STM102CD
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Songs of Faith and Hope

"It was my hope for this recording to put together a collection of songs which celebrate the joy in our daily lives and give us a lift on the days when we need one." This is the perfect gift for any of us who need a lift or just want to celebrate the day!

Susan Trump; vocals, guitar, banjo, mountain dulcimer and baritone dulcimer with special guests Curly Boy Stubbs, mandolin, guitar; Neil Donell, harmony vocals; Eve Goldberg, harmony vocals; Kevin Fox, cello; Bob Hewus, acoustic, electric bass; Ron Korb, flute, NativeAmerican flutes; Tom Leighton, accordion, piano; Don Reed, Fiddle, violin.

Song Titles:                                                                                                                                               1. We Are Crossing the Water - Bill Staines   2. Streets of Gold - Robin and Linda Williams  3. Quiet Faith of Man- Bill Staines (MP3)    4. Angel Gabriel - trad.  5. Angel Wings- Carla Gover  6. Hope For One and All - David Mallett (MP3)    7. May My Heart Find Rest in Thee - Jerry Rasmussen  8. Call Down A Blessing - Margaret Nelson   9. Hollow Flute - Laila Brady Waltzer (MP3)  10. Angel Band/Down in the Valley to Pray - Trad   11. Rainbow Connection - Paul Williams/Ken Ascher  12. The Great Storm is Over - Bob Franke

Songs of Faith and Hope song samples - song titles followed by (MP3)

Item Name: CD-"Songs of Faith and Hope" produced by Paul Mills
Item Number: STM106CD
Price: $17.00 (includes shipping and handling to U.S. destinations)

Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol. 1

This classic compilation features nineteen of the finest players in the country in solo and ensemble instrumental selections ranging from traditional and contemporary, to jazz, classical, original, and Celtic melodies. Susan Trump, producer and contributing artist is joined by Janita Baker, Rob Brereton, Sue Carpenter, Larkin Bryant Cohen, Mike Casey, Gary Gallier,Tull Glazener, Neil Hellman, Lois Hornbostel, Leo Kretzner, Lorraine Lee Hammond, Margaret MacArthur, Mark Nelson, Jean Ritchie, David Schnaufer, Wayne Seymour, Betty Smith and Bill Taylor.

Song Titles and Artists:                                                                                                                              1. Muddy River Suite - Lorraine Lee Hammond  2. Resignation / Goin' to Boston - Jean Ritchie   3. Song of Polly - Larkin Bryant Cohen   4. Gypsy Wind - Gary Gallier  5. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Give Me Your Hand- Lois Hornbostel   6. The Extra Drops of Brandy - Leo Kretzner  7. Droning Mrs. Gobier/Old Christmas for Dulcimer - Margaret MacArthur  8. Misty Mountain Morning/ Amazing Grace - Susan Trump (MP3) 9. The Humours of Glenridge - Wayne Seymour 10. Time After Time - David Schnaufer 11. Stormy Weather - Janita Baker  12. Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Rob Brereton 13. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine - Tull Glazener  14. Liza Jane - Betty Smith  15. Emma's Song - Bill Taylor   16. Greensleeves / Scarborough Fair - Sue Carpenter  17. Canarios - Neal Hellman  18. Soor Plooms - Mike Casey   19. Si Beg Si Mor - Mark Nelson

Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vols. 1&2 song samples - song titles followed by (MP3)

Item Name: CD-"Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol. 1" produced by Susan Trump
Item Number: STM103CD
Price: $17.00 (includes shipping and handling to U.S. destinations)

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Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol. 2

A perfect introduction to some of today's most skillful players: Susan Trump, producer and contributing artist is joined by Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith, David Schnaufer & Stephen Seifert, Mike Casey, Karen Mueller, Stephen K. Smith, Heidi Muller, John Blosser, Jerry Rockwell, Larry Conger, Stephen Eulberg, Dan Evans, Don Pedi, Hollis Landrum, Neal Walters, Robert Force & Albert d'Ossche, and Shelly Stevens. This recording contains traditional, contemporary, classical, celtic, and old time selections of instrumental solo and ensemble selections.

Song Titles and Artists                                                                                                                              1. Romp of the Canyon Kitties - Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith  2. Elk River Blues - David Schnaufer & Stephen Seifert   3. McFarlane's Lament - Mike Casey  4. Jeff Davis / Run Boy Run - Karen Mueller   5. Hard Times / Jeannie / Kentucky Home - Stephen K. Smith  6. Leaving the Methow - Heidi Muller   7. Panis Angelicus - John Blosser  8. Liza Jane / Boil Them Cabbage Down / Soldier's Joy - Jerry Rockwell   9. Mozart's Kontretanz - Larry Conger  10. Noel New-Velvet - Stephen Eulberg  11. Heartbeat - Susan Trump (MP3)  12. In the Bleak Midwinter / Spring's Promise - Dan Evans   13. Speed of the Plow - Don Pedi  14. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho - Hollis Landrum   15. Coleen's Waltz - Neal Walters  16. Wellyn - Robert Force & Albert d'Ossche    17. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Shelly Stevens

Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vols. 1&2 song samples - song titles followed by (MP3)

Item Name: CD-"Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol. 2" produced by Susan Trump
Item Number: STM105CD
Price: $17.00 (includes shipping and handling to U.S. destinations)


Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer
Play Music for Christmas

The unique voice of the mountain dulcimer lends itself to the joyous spirit of the Christmas season. On this recording, its masters showcase its various styles, from the modern to the medieval. Many thanks to these talented artists who have shared their gifts to make your holiday season even brighter!


Song Titles and Artists:                                                                                                                             1. In Dulci Jubilo - The Nashville Dulcimer Quartet  2. In Dulci Jubilo - David Schnaufer  3. In the Bleak Midwinter - Sue Carpenter   4. White Christmas - Janita Baker  5. Mary's Boy Child - Tull Glazener   6. Frosty the Snowman - Sarah Elizabeth  7. Il Est Né, le Divin Enfant - Lois Hornbostel   8. 'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime/Hush, My Babe - Maureen Sellers  9. Away in a Manger - Lorinda Jones   10. Angels We Have Heard on High - Beth Lassi, Nina Zanetti  11. Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Susan Trump   12. Down in Yon Forest - Lorraine Hammond  13. O Holy Night - Stephen Seifert   14. Coventry Carol - Steve Eulberg  15. Little Drummer Boy - Linda Brockinton   16. I Wonder As I Wander - David Schnaufer  17. Silent Night - Karen Mueller   18. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Gary Gallier

Item Name: CD-"Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Play Music for Christmas" produced by Susan Trump
Item Number: STM107CD
Price: $17.00 (includes shipping and handling to U.S. destinations)

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An Evening of Americana with the Sweet Sounds of the Mountain Dulcimer

A Tribute Concert for Legendary Mountain Dulcimer Maker Bob Mize and Mama Maude Live from Paramount Center for the Performing Arts in Bristol, TN/VA

Item Name: Bob Mize and Mama Maude Tribute Concert DVD-CD Combo Set
Item Number: STM2001DVD
Price: $27.00 (includes shipping and handling to U.S. destinations)

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