Lessons in Your Living Room 

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Dulcimer festivals mean good company, good times, and good workshops where we learn new songs and improve our skills. But schedule conflicts and family responsibilities often have a way of limiting our choices. Even those of us who attend the festivals don’t always have easy access to a dulcimer instructor to reinforce our new skills, and maintain our enthusiasm.

Update - A digital option is now available at a reduced price, due to savings in mailing costs. MP3s and PDFs of the lessons you choose are sent at the beginning of each month. I will still be available, as always, to answer any questions you may have. For details, contact me at dulcimermail@gmail.com.

Lessons in Your Living Room is a Mountain Dulcimer lesson monthly subscription service designed for those of you who would like to improve your playing skills, and prefer the convenience and privacy of learning in your own home. Songs and tunes for the lessons have been carefully chosen for their pleasing melodies, and their value as instructional tools. Repertoire is varied to expose students to different styles of music that are fun to play on the dulcimer.  Some will be added to your list of favorites, and all will have enhanced your skill as a musician. Each is a "stand-alone" lesson, so you can start with any of them.

When you enroll in the lesson program, we ask that you select at least six lessons from our library of 42 lessons. If using Pay Pal, please send me an E-mail with your choices. Every few months, we will remind you to send us your next few choices, so we can be sure to have what you want on hand when it’s time to mail the next lesson.

Our lessons are listed on the Lesson Library page – see the link at the bottom of this page. 

Note to new players: All lessons are in DAD tuning. While DAA is a lovely tuning, DAD is inherently no more difficult, and is the most widely used tuning in most of the dulcimer world. To play in DAD tuning, your dulcimer will need to have a 6 ½ fret. E-mail me if you’re not sure.

Each lesson will include an Instructional CD, and tab for all of the following:

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Instruction for a Novice level arrangement
  • Instruction for an Intermediate-Plus arrangement
  • Back-up chords
  • A duet or harmony part

The Novice, Intermediate-Plus, and harmony tracks on the CD will be played slowly, and up-to-speed.

Your first lesson will also include:

  • A free three ring binder and 4-CD holder sleeve
  • A reference CD lesson of Dulcimer Basics, which cover:
  •     Understanding rhythms and right hand strumming techniques
  •     Left hand chord shapes and fingerings
  •     Hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides

Having your music, written instructions, and CDs in a single binder, makes it much easier to find and review previous lessons. The Dulcimer Basics lesson and binder are just a small “thank you” for becoming a member of our Lessons in Your Living Room family.

*New!* Want to hear a sample of one of our lessons? Click on “Go to Sample page” at the end of this paragraph. We have posted a track list for our July 2008 lesson “English Country Garden” on the Sample page. Two of these tracks will let you see the printed music and hear the instruction at the same time. One or more tracks will be audio (MP3) only.                            Go to Sample Page

Lesson Library Click here to see lesson list.

Subscriptions are for a minimum period of six months. Cost of each lesson is $15.00 per month, plus $5.00 packaging and shipping. Please e-mail us for rates to destinations outside the U.S. Lessons will be mailed prior to the first day of each month.

Payment may be made by credit card through PayPal by clicking the “Subscribe” button below, or by check to Susan Trump Music. Credit card accounts will utilize PayPal’s subscription service, which charges your credit card on the same day of each month. Lessons will begin the month after receipt of your PayPal subscription or check.

Whether paying by check or Pay Pal, If you need to cancel the subscription at any time, just e-mail or write us with your request.

PayPal subscriptions

$20.00 per month (lesson plus shipping)

Payment by check
$120.00 for 6 months (6 lessons plus shipping)

Please mail to:
Susan Trump Music
2005 Rosedale Way
Schenectady NY 12303


I look forward to sharing this great American musical tradition with you, and welcome your suggestions or questions. Thanks!

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